Excellent performance verification of Vcheck Canine NT-proBNP (SCI journal)

A paper on the analytical validation of Vcheck Canine NT-proBNP (BIONOTE) has been published in the international journal, Veterinary Clinical Pathology (Science Citation Index, Impact factor 1.18).

Paper: Analytical validation of a novel point-of-care immunoassay for canine N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide analysis (Vet Clin Pathol. 2022;00:1–10.)


See the attached document for the summary and click here for the full paper (open access).


This study aimed to analytically validate a Vcheck NT-proBNP assay according to American Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ASVCP) and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) specifications.



Imprecision was considered acceptable with a coefficient of variation ranging from 9% at 4000 pmol/L to 20% at 600 pmol/L.



Comparison of the Vcheck assay with the Cardiopet NT-proBNP assay revealed an excellent correlation with minimal bias (y=0.9x+37, R2=0.9) when preanalytical factors were controlled.


Preanalytical error

Significant degradation of NT-proBNP occurred when current methods were used at refrigerated (average loss of 20%) and room temperatures (loss of at least 50%), which could change diagnostic and prognostic decision-making.


Interferents (analytical specificity)

Spiking samples across the linear range of the assay with 35 mg/dL hemoglobin and 1000 mg/dL Intralipid did not reveal a statistically significant difference.


Reference intervals

Age-partitioned reference intervals (95%) have upper reference limits of 750 pmol/L and 1280 pmol/L for 36 juvenile and 125 adult dogs, respectively.



According to this study, the Vcheck assay provides analytically acceptable results. Onsite testing can minimize variability related to preanalytical error and provide clinically useful contemporaneous results.


Also, the author emphasized that samples should be centrifuged immediately and analyzed within 2 hours of collection, due to significant degradation of NT-proBNP.


Results of this study demonstrate that the Vcheck NT-proBNP assay is a valid point-of-care cardiac biomarker using the canine serum.


Vcheck Canine NT-proBNP can be quantitatively measured using a fluorescent immunoassay analyzer (Vcheck) in a short time (15 minutes) and can be tested using a small amount of sample (serum 100 µl). Learn more