BIONOTE, continues expansion into global markets through 'Vcheck M10'

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BIONOTE announced on the 11th that they are in the process of expanding further into the global market through their Point of Care Molecular Diagnostic Analyzer, 'Vcheck M10' ("M10").

M10 is an automatic analyzer that can perform both nucleic acid extraction and PCR, which previously needed to be performed separately using two different machines. The test procedure is simple enough for any veterinarians to perform on-site at the animal hospitals without separate prior training. The user can receive accurate PCR results through the M10 within an hour and removes the need to send samples to specialized labs to receive results, which can take up to 3 days.
Furthermore, depending on the user's needs, they are able to customize how many channels they would like to use, up to a maximum of 8, making the M10 suitable for small hospitals, large hospitals and even labs.

A BIONOTE Spokesperson commented that "The 'Canine Vector 8 Panel' recently released for the M10, has been received extremely well overseas with exponentially increasing sales numbers." and that "New sales have been recorded in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong and Mexico, with multiple European Countries in line to join the list soon as well."

In addition, BIONOTE is aiming to develop and launch its 'Vcheck M Diarrhea 8 Panel' within the year, while also moving forward with international clinical evaluations in order to prove the excellence of their technology. Beyond that, they are also planning to expand into the livestock animal market through developing new tests for the M10 and expanding their catalog.

Dr. Byung Ki Cho, CEO of BIONOTE, stated "It is our goal to rapidly increase our global market presence and grab hold of the veterinary POC PCR market by 2025 through our various test items" and that "Along with our new POC clinical chemistry analyzer 'Vcheck C', we will be able to lead the global market in providing total diagnostic solutions."