BIONOTE signs supply agreement with one of the three largest distributors in the US

BIONOTE signs supply agreement with one of the three largest distributors in US

▶ Technology, performance, and marketability of BIONOTE's products highly valued... will continue to increase market share

​Global leader in Veterinary Diagnostics and Biological Raw Materials BIONOTE Inc., announced on the 25th of April that they have signed a supply agreement with Covetrus, one of the three largest distributors in the United States, expanding their sales potential for animal diagnostics in the US market.

Covetrus is one of the largest distributors of animal pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products in the world with revenue of over 4 billion USD, as of 2021, supplying products to North America, Europe, and Asia. Key customer bases include animal hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and pet stores. Furthermore, they also provide medical information technology solutions, financial and management software for animal hospitals.

BIONOTE plans to provide their veterinary fluorescent immunoassay series, 'Vcheck F', through this supply agreement. Vcheck F is a series of products, based on immunochromatic assay technology, capable of producing accurate results through the use of highly sensitive fluorescent materials. A total of 27 markers for cardiac diseases, inflammation, etc. can be tested quantitatively, as well as qualitatively using the Vcheck F series.

BIONOTE plans to expand their presence in the market and increase sales of their various products, through cooperation with Covetrus for maximizing marketing and promotional activities.

Dr. Byungki Cho, CEO of BIONOTE commented that "the supply agreement between Covetrus and BIONOTE is a testament to the excellence in technology, performance and marketability of BIONOTE's products" and that "BIONOTE will continue to strive to use this opportunity to increase the market share of our products in the US market".