BIONOTE attends the largest veterinary conference in Latin America

▶ Attended the Congreso Veterinario de León, held in Mexico for 4 days between the 6th and 9th of September
▶ Intends to continue to increase supply and service towards end-users... continue to increase M/S in Latin America


Global leader in Veterinary Diagnostics and Biological Raw Materials BIONOTE Inc., announced today that they participated in Congreso Veterinario de León (CVDL), the largest veterinary conference in Latin America.
The Conference was held in León, Mexico for 4 days between the 6th and 9th of September.

CVDL is the largest veterinary conference in Latin America, held every year in León Mexico​ since 1995. This conference is a gathering of over 900 veterinary companies from all over South and Central Americas, including Mexico, as well as veterinarians from around the World, with over 30 academic seminars.


Through this conference, BIONOTE was able to promote their rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), fluorescent immunoassay platform Vcheck F, Point of Care (POC) molecular diagnostic platform Vcheck M as well as the soon to be launched Vcheck C, the versatile high-throughput chemistry analyzer. 


Furthermore, BIONOTE was able to receive valuable feedback and insight regarding their current products from the veterinarian end-users, as well as have meaningful discussions with BIONOTE's Latin American dealers regarding future plans and strategies to increase M/S & to successfuly launch the newest products.  


A BIONOTE spokesperson commented that "the Latin American market is rapidly expanding" and that "BIONOTE will continue to not only provide excellent quality products, but to also provide the necessary training, academic support and services for the customers in order to strengthen our position in the Latin American market while increasing M/S".