BIONOTE, Presents on the Topic of POC PCR at the Korean Society of Veterinary Science Fall Academic Conference

Presented on the topic of molecular diagnostics market trends and changes in POC PCR equipment technology

▶ Announced plans to accelerate global business by expanding reagent parameters of Vcheck M10 amid expanding veterinary molecular diagnostics market

Global leader in Veterinary Diagnostics and Biological Raw Materials BIONOTE Inc., announced on the 8th of December, that they presented on the topic of POC PCR (Pointe of Care Polymerase Chain Reaction) at the 2023 Korean Society of Veterinary Science Fall Academic Conference, held at the Jeju International Convention Center on the 29th of November to 2nd of December.


At this year's conference, a total of 19 academic sessions were held under the theme of "Advanced Fusion and Technology of Veterinary Biomedical Research".


BIONOTE's resident DVM, Dr. Angela Moon, presented at the "Field Application fo Advanced Molecular Diagnostic Technology for Animal Diseases" session of Symposium 13, on the topic of "Point of Care Testing Application Trends of PCR In Companion Animal Disease Diagnosis". 

The primary focus was on the market trends of molecular diagnostics in the global veterinary market and changes in Point of Care PCR equipment technology. 


The global veterinary molecular diagnostics market size is expected to grow from 300 billion KRW in 2021 to 540 billion KRW by 2026, with an average annual growth of 10%. 

In addition, 95% of all PCR tests are currently referred to diagnostic laboratories, and only about 5% are carried out using POC equipment. However, as improved POC PCR equipment continues to be developed, a significant change in the market share is expected within the next 5 years. 


Vcheck M10, launched by BIONOTE in the second half of last year, is a Real-time PCR device that performs nucleic acid extraction, amplification, and results analysis all within an hour using a single device. It is also characterized by the ability to scale up depending on the needs of the customer, from specialized laboratories to small and large vet clinics, through the expansion of up to 8 channels.


A BIONOTE spokesperson stated, " We plan on continuing to expand the reagent parameters to accelerate our global business growth" and "We are also planning to launch our Babesia gibsoni ​cartridge and enter the domestic market after acquiring the necessary regulatory clearance".