BIONOTE Accelerates Expansion into North American Market Through VMX Conference

▶ BIONOTE promoted its products and provided lectures by prominent veterinarians about their experiences of applying Vcheck F to clinical settings

▶ Strengthen veterinary network across all areas of the U.S. to expand market share


Global leader in Veterinary Diagnostics and Biological Raw Materials BIONOTE Inc. announced on the 19th of January that its US Branch, BIONOTE USA, participated in VMX (Veterinary Meeting & EXPO), one of the largest veterinary conferences in the world held in Orlando, Florida between the 13th and 17th of January (local time).


​The VMX Conference is held in Orlando, Florida every year with over 15,000 members of the veterinary industry such as veterinarians, veterinary students, and veterinary technicians attending for various exchanges. Further, prominent speakers give lectures and companies unveil new products and technologies for animal clinics at the event.

*Veterinary technicians: helps veterinarians in diagnosing patients effectively and performs surgery preparations, surgical assistance, and postoperative recovery observations.


BIONOTE focused on promoting their point of care fluorescent immunoassay analyzer 'Vcheck F V200', which is the number 1 product globally in terms of market share, along with cardiac disease-related biomarker test reagents such as 'NT-proBNP', 'TnI' and hormone biomarker test reagents such as 'Cortisol'.


BIONOTE's booth also featured lectures by prominent veterinarians (Dr. Elizabeth Rozanski, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine / Dr. Luis Tarrido, Eden Veterinary Clinic / Dr. Geri Lake-Bakaar, Evolution Veterinary Specialists) on the subject of their experience of applying Vcheck F products in clinical settings and their experience of evaluating the products.


A BIONOTE spokesperson stated "To increase awareness and market share in the U.S., we are actively participating in conferences to meet and promote to veterinarians in person, with the support of KOTRA's global support project for mid-sized companies" and that "We will continue to participate in various academic conferences and exhibitions across the United States to increase brand awareness".


Meanwhile, BIONOTE successfully launched three types of Equine-related biomarker products (Foal IgG, Progesterone, SAA) last year to target the U.S. market, and plans to lead the Equine diagnostic reagent market by developing additional Equine products this year.