BIONOTE Inc. won the prize of ‘$100- Million Export Tower’ in exports at the 58th Trade Day ceremony



The Korea International Trade Association announced that BIONOTE won the prize of ‘$100- Million Export Tower’ in exports at the 58th Trade Day ceremony.


The Ministry of Trade and the Korea International Trade Association hold a ceremony every December 5th to mark Trade Day, and select and reward companies that have contributed to export performance, such as pioneering overseas markets and creating jobs.


BIONOTE is a company specializing in diagnostic devices for animals with 19 years of business experience and has branches in the U.S. and Shanghai, China, where the diagnostic market is large.


BIONOTE obtained United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approval for the first time in Korea and succeeded in entering overseas markets in recognition of the accuracy of various products such as the world's first development of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) simple diagnostic kits and World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) certification.


Based on its core source technology, the company has a portfolio of various products such as rapid diagnosis (Rapid), fluorescent immunoassay (Immunoassay), and enzyme Immunoassay (ELISA) for disease diagnosis.


In particular, Vcheck which is the main diagnostic device of the bio-note is receiving high response at home and abroad as it can quantitatively measure various biomarkers based on fluorophores with excellent sensitivity, and recorded 110% year-on-year sales growth.


Next year, serum chemical analysis equipment with high market demand and Point of Care (POC) molecular diagnostic equipment capable of quantitative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing at the site will be released to expect greater sales growth.