BioNote Inc was awarded a ministerial commendation in the field of export safety


The Korea Animal Health Product Association (KAHPA) announced that In 2021, Bionote was awarded a commendation from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for its contribution to the development of the animal medicine industry.


 BIONOTE Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a manufacturer of diagnostic kits and equipment for animal diseases and is equipped with a wide product portfolio, from initial screening tests to molecular diagnosis. In 2019, BIONOTE USA was established, laying the groundwork for the company‚Äôs entry into the US market.


 Based on this, it is expanding its operations in overseas regions such as the United States, Europe, and Latin America, and in 2021, sales of animal products grew 45% year-on-year.


 A Bionote official said, "We plan to release Vcheck M and biochemical diagnostic test Vcheck C, which can be performed at the site this year." Also, Bionote said, "By presenting a new paradigm for diagnostic tests exclusively for numbers, we will once again gain momentum to achieve great growth."