Bionote Participates in the Largest Veterinary Conference in the Yeongnam Region



Bionote participated in the 12th Yeongnam Veterinary Conference held at Changwon Convention Center from July 23rd to 24th. As the largest veterinary conference in the Yeongnam region, it is also considered one of the top three veterinary conferences held in Korea. 


Due to COVID-19, the Yeongnam Veterinary Conference has been held online for the year 2020 and 2021. This is the first time in three years that it has finally been held as an in-person event.


The theme for the 12th conference was ‘Back to Basic’, with 31 lecturers on various topics such as internal medicine, dentistry, skin, and cardiac.


Despite the spread of COVID-19, more than 1,000 veterinarians and veterinary school students visited the conference.


Bionote also participated in the conference through booth operation, focusing on promoting the Feline TnI, which will soon be launched in the following August. There was also a free sample giveaway which was met with high consumer demand.


Feline TnI is a test marker for a quantitative measurement of Troponin I in feline serum and can be used on Bionote’s immunofluorescence analyzer Vcheck F series.


This marker is especially useful for screening hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which is a common cardiac disease in cats.


As with its largest installation share in the Korean veterinary market, many of the Vcheck F users have visited the Bionote booth and showed great interest in the soon-to-be-launched product.



Bionote plans to participate in additional conferences in Busan and Seoul and will continue to communicate with its customers throughout.