An era of PCR test at local veterinary is about to begin.


On the 28th of September, Bionote Inc. representative stated, “Last September, we have released Vcheck M10(Hereinafter, M10) overseas, a cutting-edge Point-of-care testing(POCT) PCR device.” Adding, we are in preparation of domestic permission for use.”

M10 is a device that can perform both nucleic acid extraction and amplification with just a single device. Due to simplified test process, any veterinary can run PCR test without a special training. In addition, tests that conventionally required minimum of 1~3days at a specialized veterinary laboratory can now be done in an hour with M10.

M10 has been sent to Korea’s domestic veterinary universities and overseas testing facilities in various countries (United States, Spain, Poland, Australia, etc) for product assessment. This product is expected to be highly anticipated by the market along with Bionote’s world-known fluorescent immune equipment Vcheck F series (V200, V2400)

M10 is CE approved and has achieved export license by the KAPQA(Korea Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency) and domestic permission for use is currently in preparation.

Last September, Bionote released the first of M10’s product line Vcheck M Ehrlichia/Anaplasma overseas. Second item, Vcheck M Babesia gibsoni/canis will be launched overseas this coming November. Along with the two products, they are currently in development of an item that could test 8 multiple pathogens with a single cartridge, which could change the dynamics of the veterinary market.

Bionote Inc. stated, “Our company looks to expand our field of market by adding molecular diagnostics product Vcheck M along with other product lines(RDT, ELISA, fluorescence immunoassay). With this effort we hope to become a global leader by providing a total diagnostics solution, starting from early screening test to confirmatory test.”

You can refer to Bionote’s official number (+82-031-211-0516) to get detailed information on Vcheck M10 and other product line.