BIONOTE participates in Gyeonggi Veterinary Conference

Global leader in providing biological raw materials and animal diagnostics company BIONOTE, participated in Gyeonggi Veterinary Conference on the 13th of November in Suwon Convention Center.


Gyeonggi Veterinary Conference is an annual conference hosted by the Geyonggi Veterinary Medicine Association where approximately 2,000 veterinarians participate in order to discuss the latest trends and to elevate clinical technology to the next level. Internal medicine, surgery, feline diagnostics are a few of the many different categories of seminars held during the conference and companies that provide medical/diagnostic equipments, medical/diagnostic reagents and distributors participated in the exhibition that is a part of the conference.


BIONOTE showcased their latest products such as the Vcheck M, POC PCR analyzer, as well as their Vcheck C, clinical chemistry analyzer, which will be released in the first quarter of 2023, along with their main popular products such as rapid diagnostic kits, Vcheck F and ELISA kits. Furthermore, they gave out free samples of their Vcheck F Feline TnI kit, which can be used to screen for feline heart diseases and screen for feline heart damage, to the visitors of their booth to celebrate the fact that it received the liscence for domestic sales.

´╗┐Through the conference, BIONOTE was able to communicate directly with its customers and receive meaningful feedback, especially regarding the new products, with the great interest shown by the visitors.